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SAFER Response Form

Three ways to fill it out below.


Two people should fill this out: the form's subject and someone who knows the person best - a relative, a friend, a guardian, or employer. Look below for three ways to fill out the form.

Click for Step-by-Step Instructions

These directions are meant for use by relatives, caregivers, guardians, and friends of the person on the form.

1. PDF Fill-In Form

On your computer click into each blank space and type. Use the tab key to go from space to space. Fill it in completely. At the end, click the INPUT button to email this form to the Clallam County Sheriff's Office. Or, you can save it. Print it. Then mail or hand deliver it to the Sheriff's office.

2. Word Input Form

Use a word processor program to download the form to your computer where you must find it (under downloads) and fill it out. Email it using the INPUT button.

3. PDF Printable Form

Use a printer to print out this form and fill it in by hand. Once it is mailed or delivered to the Clallam County Sheriff's Office it will be safely stored and is confidential.